• TKO Weekly Free Tasting - Scarlett’s Spritzers (25 Mar)


      Interesting Free Wine Tasting - Scarlett’s Spritzers!
      Region: New Zealand
      26 Mar (Sat), 3pm – 5pm, TKO shop

      Do you think it's a beer or white wine?
      Nope! It's a sparkling spritzers infused with New Zealand Prinot Gris 
      or Sauvignon Blanc with all natural flavourings.

      Wine Tasting:
      (1) Lime and Elder Flower 
      Sauvignon Blanc with natural lime and elder flower essence.

      The vibrant tropical flavours from the wine are enhanced with the zingy lime and floral elder flower balanced with natural grape sweetness.

      (2) Red Berries
      Pinot Gris infused with natural wild red berries. Strawberry aromas,

      pear and citrus from the wine, balanced with pure grape sweetness and a bubbly crisp finish.

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